Development trends in overseas study


1.      Canadian Trends in Overseas Marketing


       There are significant economic benefits gained from recruiting international students to Canada, and China sends the most students abroad than any other country.  According to federal government statistics, the estimated spending by international students in Canada is at least $25,000 a year over and above tuition fees.  Students pay for things like food, accommodation, travel, recreational activities, and other general goods and services.  A growing number of countries have recognized this and have made international recruitment a high priority (Australia, New Zealand for example far out do Canada in terms of foreign students).

        Many Canadian institutions have recognized the benefits of promoting international education C for example international student tuition fees are higher and provide much financial security - however, they often encounter difficulties arising from cultural barriers, complex regulations, and competition from other countries.  Few institutions have the means to aggressively pursue the Chinese market on their own.  This is where a trusted agency can act as a liaison, especially one dually based in both Canada and China, with connections and understanding of both.


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