Success of the Program


1.      Quality of Students  


The academic performance of Chinese high school graduates is gauged by the annual National University Entrance Examination. The GSP program admission standards are based on the student's results on this exam. Students are therefore of an objective quality as assessed by an authoritative, national, standardized examination. The average Examination scores of matriculated students are shown in the figure below.

While maintaining the quality of the students and the program, the number of students admitted to GSP has increased greatly recent years as shown in the figure below. The GSP initially planned to recruit 200 students in 2006; however this number was reached in just the first four days of registration. The recruitment of total 348 students  was finished half a month ahead of schedule, which reflects the credibility of the GSP in Chinese the overseas study market to some extent. Among the newly recruited students so far, the highest score was 624 and the average score was 453.  Students whose score is above 500 occupy 28% and those whose scores fall into the range of 450 to 500 occupy 37%.


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