General Study Program (GSP): Advantages


6.      It has high quality management, facilities and teachers.


The GSP Management Committee ensures that the hiring of teachers is done through rigorous procedures in order to keep an excellent teaching quality. The textbooks employed by the GSP are all in line with Canadian university curriculum, i.e., original English versions, and all teachers possess College English Test Band Six and have at least five years of teaching experience. Furthermore, they must be able to write in English on the blackboard in classes, and compile teaching syllabi, topics and test papers in English. Currently there are 77 teachers employed with the General Study Program (Canadian Curricula) in Shandong University and Southwest Jiaotong University, including 5 foreign teachers, 16 professors, 26 associate professors, 22 lecturers and 8 assistant teachers. Teachers who have the job title of Professor comprise 21% of the total.

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