General Study Program (GSP): Advantages


4.      It saves on expenses.


Students who study at the GSP first and then get their bachelorí»s degree abroad will save 40% to 50% expenses than if they go abroad right after their graduation from senior high school. According to the cost of the GSP, total expenses for each studentí»s two-year study in China are RMB130,000 yuan (CAD$19,000), including tuition, board, examination fees, and application fees for universities and visa, etc. In terms of the statistics of former studentsí» expenses abroad, the total expenses for each student is about RMB130,000 (CAD$19,000) yuan each year, including tuition, living cost and transportation, etc.

However, if students go to Canada right after they graduate from senior high school, they must often spend one or two years improving English proficiency before they will be able to enter a university. Thus it will take about five or six years for them to finish undergraduate education and will cost between RMB 650,000 ĘC RMB 780,000 (CAD$95,000-115,000). In contrast, if they go abroad after finishing two years of the GSP, it should only take another two to complete a bachelorí»s degree, and many expenses will be saved.


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