Analysis of Current Overseas Study Market


1.      Complex Procedure of Overseas Study Application


Overseas study entails receiving education in a foreign country after completion of the necessary procedures regarding foreign affairs, society, culture, etc. The first step for students who wish to go abroad to study is to go through time-consuming and detailed procedures such as visa application in the Canadian embassy. All foreign embassies pay great attention to studentsí» visa applications and ask students to provide materials including a study plan, original high school transcripts, acceptance letters, etc., while the parents must offer employment certificates, an explanation of family funds, significant monetary deposit and so on. Most students and their parents encounter great difficulties at the very first phase of the procedure and they often get discouraged, or confused with application procedures and visas, and waste much time and energy as they prepare related files. The complexity of the entire process is also a shock to some people who intend to go abroad.

Social and cultural affairs must be considered as well. Because most senior high school graduates are under 20 years old, they doní»t have an advanced world outlook.  They are eager for knowledge, and they tend to absorb all concepts around them whatever they may be. If they step into a new environment where there are totally different cultural traditions, values and social structures at this period in their life, it may be difficult for them to understand and accept the best of western society and culture, which may in turn bring about some negative perceptions that they will carry into their future career.   Many years of experience show that this is a valid concern. In recent years, many senior high school students who went to the U.S. or Canada immediately after graduating from senior high school suffered from worrying thoughts and a negative world outlook. For this reason, students should take the time to become somewhat knowledgeable about foreign society and culture for further preparation.

The complex procedures mentioned above are of much difficulty to students and their parents and they often seek out assistance from an organization able to provide them with overall instructions and ensure a smooth process.


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